Computer Vision Challenge 2: Object Tracking

This challenge is much more open-ended than the augmented reality challenge:

Given a somehow-designated object in a scene, track that object as it moves about the scene.

The object could be designated a number of different ways:

1. The largest object moving in the foreground.

2. The object is a different color than the rest of the scene.

3. Designated with some kind of GUI (e.g. click on the object to track).

4. Your idea here.

Similarly, “tracking” can mean a number of different things:

1. Overlay some kind of marker over the designated object in the scene, and move that marker as the object moves.

2. Move a camera to keep the object centered in the field of view.

3. Move a robot so that it follows the designated object without letting it get too close or too far away.

I suggest you start with either tracking the largest moving object in the foreground, or a uniquely colored object using a marker and a fixed camera.

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