MultiTimer screen showing two running timers.MultiTimer lets you run multiple timers simultaneously.  Run a Pomodoro timer and a GTD “two-minute rule” timer simultaneously. Time cooking multiple dishes. Even if you only need one timer at a time, it’s convenient to have different time lengths preset and ready to go at the flick of a finger.

MultiTimer is easy to use. Simply slide a slider all the way to the right to start the timer running, or slide part-way across for a shorter time.

Click on the arrow next to each timer to customize its length, ring sound, and ticking.

Timers work even when MultiTimer is in background, or when your iPhone is switched off. Use the ringer switch on your phone to make MultiTimer run silently.

You can have up to 64 timers running at once.

Alerts not appearing in iOS 5? See our Support Page.

Available from the Apple App Store