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Solitaire for KJava is an implementation of the Solitaire cryptosystem for the Palm KJava VM. Solitaire is a cryptosystem designed by Bruce Schnier to provide high-quality cryptosystem where messages can be encoded and decoded manually. It uses a shuffled deck of cards for the message key. Soltaire appears as a crucial plot point in the novel Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephensen. Solitaire for KJava was winner of the "Most Visionary App" category in the KJava Hackathon contest held at the 1999 JavaOne Conference.


In addition to being useful for encoding, decoding, and securely beaming small messages, Solitaire for KJava serves as an example of how to write a Palm application in Java. The source code to Solitaire for KJava is freely modifiable and redistributable under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Download (9kb)

Build Instructions

Short Version:

If you've already got Java and Ant installed, and you have "j2me_cldc" installed at "C:\", just "cd" to wherever you installed Solitaire, and type "ant". If all goes well, you'll be rewarded by a file called "SolitaireJB.prc", which you can install on your Palm and use (provided you've already got the KVM installed on your Palm).

Long Version:

(These instruction assume you already have a JDK installed, and your classpath and path set up to use it.)


The Palm-specific portions of Solitaire for KJava were writen by John Brewer during the 1999 JavaOne Conference. The Java implementation of the Solitaire cipher algorithm is Jeff Gold's, slightly modified by John Brewer to run under KJava for PalmOS. The original source code for desktop Java, along with more information about the Solitaire cryptosystem can be found at:


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