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A Fake SMTP Daemon Written in Perl

Ever written an application that has to send mail? Ever try to debug it? Either you stub out the actual mail code, and risk not testing your system end-to-end, or you end up sending lots of email.

I wrote fakesmtpd to provide another alternative. Simply have your application use 'localhost' ( as its SMTP server, and run fakesmtpd from a command line in another window on your system. When you send a message, fakesmtpd will receive it, just like a real SMTP server, but instead of sending the message, will just echo it to standard out. It also echoes all the steps in the SMTP protocol, so you can use it to debug your mail-sending code.

Using fakesmtpd

Getting faksmtpd

fakesmtpd is Open Source software. You're free to use, modify and redistribute it under the terms of the Perl Artistic License.

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