WristVision is completely compatible with Pebble OS 2.0.

Pebble OS 1.0 users: WristVision is still compatible with Pebble OS 1.0.  To install the proper version of the watchface app, tap the “Download” button below from your phone, and open the file in the Pebble app to install.


WristVision lets you stream live video from your iPhone’s camera to your Pebble smart watch.

Hi-Res ModeHigh-Speed Mode

WristVision works in two modes:

  • High resolution mode displays video at one frame per second at the Pebble’s full 144 x 168 resolution.
  • High speed mode displays much lower resolution video (16 x 17) at 20-30 frames per second.

(Video speeds measured on iPhone 5. Speeds on older devices will be lower.)

If you have a Motrr Galileo motion control platform, you can use WristVision to control it remotely using the buttons on your Pebble.  Now supports both Galileo Bluetooth and Galileo 30-pin!

Available from the Apple App Store